The Best Anal Sex Position For Women

A recent survey was done and found out that about forty percent of married women in one way have attempted anal sex. Although it is still not widely accepted, most couples are giving it a go as part of their sexual activities.

When it is done the right way, any of these anal sex positions can set off high intensity feeling and orgasm.

There are fundamental things you have to consider before engaging in it. The first issue you have to bear in mind is that your partners rectal cannot lubricate by itself like the vagina; therefore, you must use oil on the opening to prevent pain. It is advisable to utilize silicone lubes.

The second concern is you have to use a condom if you are not married. This will avoid infections such as HIV or other STIs. The last and final thing to know is taking it slow. You remember that anal is not like vaginal penetration.

You must begin off with foreplay for her to be relaxed. When going in, take it gradually and ask her how she feels. Communication is important at this stage. If she is feeling any pain, withdraw gently but don’t force yourself in.

The best and most preferred technique for anal sex is the doggy style. It is more popular and pleasurable. Let her kneel down and do not face you.

Rub her buttocks and arouse her perineum to when she becomes stimulated. Go in slowly as you ask her if she feels any pain. Once you are in, let one of you control the movement.


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