Tips On Controlling Premature Ejaculation


Have you been suffering from premature ejaculation in silence? You don’t need to worry anymore because statistics have shown than 1 out 3 men suffers from premature ejaculation. The condition is normal and can be treated. Before we can delve on the control mechanisms for premature ejaculation, we first need to examine the causes.

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Genetics have a playing to premature ejaculation. Sex is primarily meant for procreation purposes. Therefore the quicker is done mentality is instilled in our brains. There are some people whose main objective is to climax as soon as possible. This technique may work for or against them.

Your thoughts

Thoughts also have a great bearing on how fast you climax. The pressure is always on men to pleasure their partners. They are more preoccupied on how long they are going to last. This leads to build up pressure. Pressure tenses up your muscles and you are likely to ejaculate very quickly. Before you have sex, you need to have your thoughts in order. A positive attitude could help you. Sex should be fun not a yardstick to prove how long you can last in bed.


While there have been controversial debates on masturbation, fact remains that prolonged masturbation causes premature ejaculation. If you were used to masturbation during your young adult life, chances are high that the problems you are experiencing with premature ejaculation are as a result. You should stop masturbating to avoid re occurrence of the same problem.

Pace control

It is important that you go slowly during sex. You can start with some light strokes during penetration. The light strokes are meant to reduce stimulation. You can go with light strokes for about 4 minutes. The increase in pace should be consistent and reasonable. Doing that will see you last longer in bed


Exercising in this context means exercising your organ. You need to fully understand your organ and all the sensitive areas. The common exercise that is used is the pelvic exercise. Most of the penile sensations are controlled by the pelvic region. For you to understand how the muscle works, you can try it out when you are urinating. There is a sensation that you feel when you are urinating. This is the sensation you need to tame. The exercise is more effective when you have an erection so morning hours are the best times.


All the mentioned methods cannot work if you are not in the right state of mind. For you to be in a right state of mind, you need to have a positive attitude towards sex. Don’t see as a measure of worth or prowess. Relax and be positive that what you are doing is pleasurable and should not be rushed.


Before you start delving on how you can control premature ejaculation, it is important that you look at the causes. Maybe all you need to do is to stop some habits like masturbation. Controlling premature ejaculation shouldn’t be that much of a hustle.

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NB:- Check out the video introduction to the pelvic floor exercises.


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